This is the all-new section featuring a ton of material from the past. It's dedicated to keeping old Seether memories alive. It's an ongoing project to archive all the interviews and magazine articles that have been published over the years. If there's something you don't see, be sure to leave some feedback.

Essentially, Extras is the place to find everything that doesn't fit into another category. Right now, it might be a little cut and dry, but keep checking back. I have high hopes for this section to revive as much of the old Seether content as possible.

This is where you will find old magazine articles and interviews. Of course, with the internet being the most-used source for information, you can expect to find more recent interviews from online as well.

Artist Of The Week
Music is constantly changing. Check out the featured artist of the week here. Give some lesser-known bands some love.

People With Signs
My community effort to bring back the lost PeopleWithSigns.com. It used to be like PostSecret where people would post their own personal disclaimers. You can either take pictures of yourself, like the covers of Disclaimer, or submit your photoshopped designs to Seether.Freak@yahoo.com. As soon as there is some content, I will relaunch People With Signs. I NEED SUBMISSIONS!!

My Careless Whisper
Right around the time Careless Whisper was released, for a short time there was a website to promote it by allowing people to anonymously post their careless whispers. The old site is partially viewable in a non-postable format. God knows that it caused enough problems when it existed. Check the home page for the "new" version of My Careless Whisper. It's now a random fact of the day.

Blog Archive
Seether's blog from 2006 where band members would come on and post updates for fans. I don't know how long MySpace will still be around, so I archived all the posts. Please be patient while it loads since it's a BIG file.

South African Bands
This is the place to find bands from Shaun and Dale's home country! There are some great bands that came out of the South African music scene, but never really went anywhere after years of touring the same towns. I'll have a list of some great SA bands to check out in a little bit. There are other important areas here that need maintenence first.