Welcome to the largest Seether image gallery on the internet! You'll find photos dating back to when the band began in South Africa as Saron Gas and much more. Album artwork has most of the featured art from their records as well as promo wallpaper to support several of their earlier releases. Promotional photography is dedicated to professional band shots used to promote Seether shows, gear, ads, and album releases. Posters/Other is really just dedicated to the overflow of pictures that didn't fit into any other category. You'll be able to find images of tour posters and... I don't know. Just check it out! Some of the images are small, and that's not really my fault. Back in 2002, hard drive space was something that needed to be conserved, and extra memory cost a ton of money, so a chunk of the images were compressed to preserve quality and space. Unfortunately, there's no way to undo that. I'm trying to promote quality on this site, so most future additions, unless it's something rare or special, will be in higher resolution.