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Seether Yahoo Group
Wind-Up Records - Seether's Record Label
Musketeer Records - Seether's First Label in South Africa
Schecter Guitars - Seether Exclusively uses Schecter Guitars and Basses
EvBoard - Evanescence's Board. There's a lot of Seether history on there.

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Questions? Feel free to email me and I'll do my best to get back to them. If you want to help build up the collection that this site has, hit me up. I'm always looking for new audio, video, images, and feedback on how I can improve this site.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the members of Seether past, present, and future for reminding me that I'm not alone in this. You guys and "Fine Again," it's shaped my life in countless ways and given me direction when I was lost. Shaun, for the soulful lyrics. Dale, for providing comic relief through in-studio videos, laying down the bass tracks. Johnny, for the solid drumming, and especially for the video on bullying (don't you ever let anyone tell you that you're lame for wearing KISS t-shirts!) I did find the resolve and peace in music that you were talking about. Pat, for being the guitarist I looked up to as a kid and for being the foundation of my own guitar style. Troy, for the iTunes interview where I learned it's okay to mess around with guitar effects. Matt for originally creating this website, giving me a structure to base everything else around. Everyone else, you know who you are!

I'm not good at this kind of thing, so I guess I'll just say thanks firstly to the band members, new and old, because without them creating the music that they do, and putting fourth the best live shows, this site wouldn't exist. So thank you Shaun for continueing to put fourth your soul live and on record. You know without your music I don't know what would have happened if I didn't hear 'Fine Again' when I did, so thanks for that, opening my eyes, the talks, and acting more like an older brother then my own has this past year. You are truly a special human being and an inspiring person who has given me alot of hope in many ways. Pat, you fucking rock man, and I vow to get you Amstel the next time you guys are near...this I promise...oh yes. Dale, your fucking great man, ya gonna give any more passes to doctors? : ) John, seriously, I didn't think it were possible for the bands shows to be even better, but you seem to have brought an extra element, and the songs are just even more killer live. Kevin, you were a cool cat and good luck to your future endevours. And thank you Edwin for all the help and stuff. Not many people would go the mile you have. Thank you very much, you have my eternal gratitude.

Thanks to those who have helped me all along the way with this site and have inspired me to make it even better, from the people who send me pictures to keep the photo archive ever growing, to the people who mail me with new news and stuff I don't know. Thanks to Tracie for the help with the site when I was away and for being good with imagery and stuff I'm not very good with. Thank you to the sites that inspired me to make this site better, Steve at Creed Feed, Crystal at Staind Souls, Rich and Shelley at Our Lady Thanks also to Steve and Crystal for not killing me for all of my stupid/odd HTML questions. This new more organized site would not be near as good without your help. Thank you to Mel for the help you've given and being my fellow seether freak sister. Niloy for being the crazy mf you are. Thank you DJ for helping me make the vision I had in my head for a banner a reality. Thanks to my parents for not murdering me for wanting to go on more road trips to see Seether. Thanks to Tracy for the love, hate and criticism and making me feel spectrums of things I didn't think possible. And thanks to all the seether fans new and old who stumble upon this site and continually, and some ritually, come back and make this there source for everything Seether.