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2012.03.06 - Site Facelift

I just had some time to push a few new updates. There's a new homepage background, and image slider, and a Facebook feed. I've also begun pushing the latest updates to the homepage. Facebook posts *should* be making their way to Twitter now that I've figured out how to link accounts. Keep sharing and spreading the Seether-y goodness!

2012.01.27 - It's Been Awhile
Seether covered Staind a little over a year ago. I just uploaded their cover of "It's Been Awhile" from when Staind dropped off the show.

2012.01.17 - Busy, busy busy!
A new update is finally online! Hop on over to the audio section to download any of the new MP3s that have "new" in blue. "Another Day In Paradise" with 3 Doors Down, a better version of "Hey Man, Nice Shot," and a cover of Creep. Enjoy!

Welcome to Seether-Online! This site remained mostly inactive for the last two years, and I figured it was time to give it a makeover and update it with new content. I merged several of the older sections to make things easier to navigate. All multimedia is now in one place. Lyrics have been merged into the discography section, and tablature will be added in a matter of time. Periodicles can be found in the new 'extras' section, along with all-new features that will be added soon! The tour page is now the ultimate index of past tour dates. The message boards now have their own section. Since the demise of the community boards, several other alternatives have arisen. Feel free to participate in one or all of them. The old board has been archived to the best of my ability with a three-day takedown notice, and two-thirds of its original content was preserved.

Check out the downloads section for Seether-Online exclusive downloads from live concert bootlegs to rare and unreleased material. MP3s are completely free and legal to download with the specific "do not re-distribute on the web" instructions. It defeats the purpose to run this site when all of my already-free content is hijacked and posted on YouTube and torrent sites. Stealing free content... that's low. But feel free to burn them to CDs for friends, or include them in mixtapes if anybody still remembers what cassettes are!

In the coming months, I will be updating the database of Seether interviews. I have a collection much larger than the older site. There are 100+ interviews and some older content that hasn't been on the web in years that will be posted in the audio and video sections. But all in due time! Encoding everything in a web-friendly format takes an excessive amount of time.

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