As some of you may know, Seether-Online was previously up for purchase. Very recently, I bought the site from Matt and began redesigning the main features of it. It was great for its time, but compared to most websites now, the layout was outdated. So, I'm the new monkey that gets to pull his hair out when the server crashes or people hack the site. And oddly enough, I'm looking forward to it.

Seether-Online will continue to be run under the same terms as it was originally. I will not be uploading any content that could be used for future albums. Full concerts are a no-go, although I have been working on doing an occasional webcast of stuff previously aired. I'll have more news on that when the time comes. All content hosted here is exclusive to here. That means no ripping and uploading to YouTube, torrent sites, or the like. Feel free to distribute the content to friends on mixtapes or mix CDs and spread the Seether love, just not on the web. If you're going to rip anything, please only do so for your own personal use. I realize at this point that it is impossible to stop people from grabbing content with all the technology that is available.

By the way, I'm Chris. I've been a huge Seether fan since I heard Fine Again. There was somewhat of a two-year gap between when I heard that song and when I became the fan that I am today, but that's a long story. To summarize it, coming across Seether's music was a fluke. Of course, the original reason I got into rock music was to impress a girl. Needless to say, it didn't work, but I found something much greater than a sixth grade crush; I found meaning in music and in life. I've considered myself a Seether Freak for nearly the last decade. (To the Seether Freak with the blog who claims to be the original, I'd love to get in contact just because I was thinking the same thing. And I have no idea who you are!) I annoy the heck out of my friends with all of my facts about Seether and other bands. Some people follow sports statistics, I follow the meaning behind a lot of music. I take pride in knowing as much as I do about Seether, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at I will not answer any questions that are extremely personal about the band, as they are entitled to their privacy.

I want to try to build back the community we used to have on here. Times have changed, and quickly. The community message boards died out this July, which is what got me into buying the site and keeping everything alive. Everyone scattered. A couple joined my personal Facebook group, which was intended to keep everyone up to date on how work on this site was going. A bunch joined the Seether Street Team on Facebook. Others still went to Seetherites. Don't forget about the Seetherville that's exclusive to this site. As much as I'd like to keep Seetherville as the main board, as was my original intention, I've invested a lot of time into the Seetherites community that popped up as an alternative. I have their back, as it became the temporary home for a displaced Seether boardie like myself. Any one of the boards has a portion of people that I used to know from the original community. So, whether you're a Street Teamer, a Seetherite, or any of the other various boards that split up, let's join forces on a united front. My goal is not to promote just one.

Oh... yeah. And just something I want to note. You've probably noticed the PayPal button on the homepage and the new ad boxes. That's because I actually cannot afford what I paid to breathe new life into this site. It's not something I'm going to cram down everyone's throat, but if you enjoy the content provided here, please feel free to donate any amount of money. I don't think I'll ever pay off the amount I sank into this site, but in the event I ever do, whatever donations past the "paid off" amount will go to bring contests and giveaways here. I've got a lot of great ideas, but I'm too strapped for cash to do anything other than provide the content that I was privileged to have thrown in when I bought the site. There's a lot of brand new stuff that no one's seen yet, along with my own personal content I've collected over the years. This site will be receiving regular updates, so look forward to seeing plenty of it! I want to clear up any notions that I'm doing this to monetize Seether-Online, as that's not my intention.

I suppose the biggest questions would be what happened to Matt and who is this new guy running the site? Matt sold me the domain name, as he had little intention of updating it again. He has a very busy schedule and was hoping to pass the torch to someone with a similar Seether history. I want a personal connection with you guys, and that starts a little on my part. So, I'm going to school for graphic design. I have plans to work towards my photo tech degree starting in the fall. I play guitar and bass, and that accounts for a vast majority of my free time. I'm still a kid at heart, and I feel it's important to listen to my inner child since I had to grow up too quickly. I can be serious. I can be quirky. I think it comes with the territory of being a musician.

I look forward to seeing what's to come with this site!