Disclaimer: This website was created the day of Seether's first release, Disclaimer, on August 20, 2002.

Sometime in late March of 2003 I (Matt) was given permission by Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, and
Seether drummer of that time Kevin Soffera, to post any material on Seether-Online as long as it was
not available for purchase (i.e. Fragile, Disclaimer/II, etc). All live/bootleg material was given the ok to
be placed on the site, as well as B-Sides and rarities that have no future plans of being released for sale
on a future physical release. No full length material (audio/video/bootleg concerts) in full format were to be
placed on the site. Video material was also given an ok as it is also hosted here on site owner's
own server.

In July of 2004 in Orlando, FL, I was once again given permission to place whatever I wanted under
the same terms said in previous year.

In early 2005 I was told however that live performances of new songs (Burrito, I'm the One,
Plastic Man, Remedy, etc) were to be taken down until the release of upcoming disc(s) for three reasons.
1. Said songs may change
2. The band doesn't want the fans to get sick of the song before being released.
3. Just in case the song doesn't make the final cut, there is no fan disappointment.

February 2006, officially employed as the band's bridge between band and fan to deliver news,
answer questions, and keep in tact the band's want for their own privacy (this means people have to stop
asking questions about band members personal relationships).
In this time, site owned by band's management under the guise of Seetherville was taken over by myself
with the original intent of merging Seether-Online into it. Due to technical server difficulties, this did not happen
and that site was only updated by myself. When Seetherville site owned by management was ended
Seetherville name was merged into an online message board community titled Seetherville to keep the community
sounding name and feel in tact. Original Seetherville.com content, though not much, was lost during this time.

Site owner was sent e-mail transmission in 2007 regarding unreleased material from Finding Beauty In Negative
not to be placed on site for mp3 download. These tracks may appear on future physical Seether release (s).

December 25, 2007 - Last day of site being official open.
May 2008 - Server hacked and erased as site is being rebuilt.
June 2008 - Server errors out of site owners control.
July 26, 2008 - Site returns keeping under original rules and guidelines given from March 2003-October 2007.
February 15, 2010 - Seether-Online receives its last official update by Matt.

After the Seether Community Message Boards were taken down, I (Chris) decided to take it upon myself to
salvage what little I could. Archiving the board, I realized the need for a new Seether site, since Seether-Online was
no longer being updated. I was emailed by Matt about purchasing the domain and server space from him, and all
content was sent to me purely on terms of good will. In August, I tried rallying support to fund the purchase of the
site. Rather than creating a completely new site, I decided to keep Seether-Online alive due to its extensive history.
I began working on a new design and interface for the site, committing myself to updating and running this site.
In October, I completed the transaction to own the domain, treating it as an investment mostly funded by myself.
The site was to be continued underneath the same agreed terms as above. Due to excessive harrassment to the
band, privacy issues were taken into consideration. Seether-Online seeks to allow the band's personal life to remain
private unless shared by the band.

December 24, 2011 - Site relaunches and updates continue.