Thank you, Johannesburg! Their first album, Beautiful Angelic Parasite, was released in 2004. During that time, most of their songs were performed by two bassists, giving their music a unique sound. The follow-up album, Collapse Of Air, released in 2006 took a slightly different direction in the band's career. The sound quality was more refined, songs became heavier, and 16Stitch began writing more songs that included two guitars, rather than two basses. The first of their songs that I heard was "Fallout." Digging a little deeper, I stumbled upon music videos for "Things They Say" and "Collapse Of Air." Both songs are well worth your time to check out.
Cutting Jade
Going through several name changes over the course of several years, vocalist/guitarist John Dirker finally settled on Herotide. Originally called Switchback and winning the 5FM Unearthed competition with the song "Troublegirl," they changed their name to Track Of Time and released their first album, Halo. Herotide doesn't try to re-invent the wheel, but they do put emotion into their post-grunge music. They've played giant festivals, and could possibly be South Africa's next big band. Songs like "Want You," "Friend," and "Losing Me" give an accurate portrayal of feelings through music. If you like Seether, definitely check them out.
Newtown Knife Gang
Another one of my personal favorites is Pestroy. They used to tour around South Africa with 16Stitch. Their music has similarites with Rage Against The Machines. It's a blend between hip-hop and metal. Their first major album was Counter Attack, released in 2004. It's not a terrible album, but I don't listen to it much compared to their second release in 2006, Enemy Within. The song "Cortisone" made me a fan for life. "Adapt Or Die," "Ctrl Z," and "Open Minded" are great songs to listen to if you want to give their music a try. Like most other great South African bands, they've disbanded. But their music still remains.
Prelude To June
Prime Circle
Jekyll & Hyde is the only one of their albums I have, but from listening to clips of their other songs, Prime Circle is a solid band. Their music is more alternative rock based, and have a sound similar to Silverchair. "Closure," "Breathing," and "Broken Promises" are probably the three that stick out to me the most. But all-in-all, Jekyll & Hyde is an album I can listen to from the first song to the very last.
The Awakening